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About Equinnovation:
The Difference

First of all, why the name?

Equinnovation = Equine + Innovation

Equine means “of or pertaining to the horse.” And this business is all about the horse.

Innovation means “the act of starting something for the first time; introducing something new” (so say the folks at Princeton on WordNet). And Equinnovation provides something new and innovative: something different.

You may have noticed there are a lot of folks offering equine marketing services, so ...

How is Equinnovation different?

I don't want you to spend too much on marketing.

Like you, I am an equine business owner. I understand what it's like to battle the bottom line. As smart horse people, we know that there are times when paying less costs us more. We know that we don't save money by buying moldy hay, because if we feed it to our horses they will probably get sick. We don't want sick horses, plus we don't want to pay the vet to make them healthy when we could have easily avoided them getting sick.

Smart business people make decisions based on value: what are we getting for our money? Every day we balance price against value, trying to get the most value for the least cost.

We know that ...

The Best Decisions are Based on Value