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Equine Website Hosting & Maintenance

In order to perform for you, your website needs maintenance in addition to domain registration and hosting services. A full spectrum of maintenance and support plans are available, from scheduled periodic (weekly, monthly, or quarterly) updates to do-it-yourself maintenance.

The registration and set-up of your domain name could not be simpler. All you need to do is choose the name you want and we will take care of the rest. Or if you are inclined, you can register your own domain; we've provided some helpful hints.

You don't have to learn a lot of technical stuff about gigabytes, megabytes, and bandwidth, unless you want to. Your site will always have the resources it needs with the worry-free website hosting offered exclusively to my clients. Your site won't be slowed down because of overcrowded servers and over-sold bandwidth. You will have reliable, professional hosting without annoying advertisements that can drive your customers away.

You can have email addresses personalized for your site (“greathorses@yourfarmname.com”) and will enjoy versatility in managing your email, with mail accessible through your usual web-browser (“web-based email”), via email software such as Microsoft Outlook (called “POP email accounts”), or simply forwarded to your preferred existing email account. If your site involves e-commerce, we can bundle a secure server into your hosting plan.

Flexible maintenance, affordable hosting, and versatile email, customized for your requirements ... another Internet solution from Equinnovation!