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Equine Website Design & Development

Equinnovation offers the creation of new websites as well as redesign of existing sites.

All sites are designed to be strikingly attractive, easily navigable, and user-friendly, always striving to incorporate all of those features which make a great site. Sites are designed with search engine optimization as a priority, since a website is only useful if people can find it. Where practical, our clients' websites are compliant with the latest web standards to ensure accessibility by their customers from a variety of browsers and devices. Our award-winning copy writing service may be bundled with the website development package, so that your website will be just the right fit for you and your marketing plan.

Equinnovation sites are written primarily in HTML, utilizing cascading style sheets (CSS), DHTML, JavaScript, Flash, animated gifs, and various video formats. Site functionality may be enhanced by the use of programming in Perl and PHP with MySQL database support. Whether you are thinking about an informational site, an e-commerce site, or dynamic content site, we will be happy to help you define your goals, create your site, and put it to work for you!

Website development projects are completed according to an individual contract with our clients and quoted individually, taking into consideration such factors as:

  • the complexity of the site;
  • the number and complexity of graphics to be created;
  • the number of photographs to be utilized and how much revision they require;
  • the need for cgi scripts or other interactive elements;
  • the incorporation of elements such as video;
  • the use of special skills, such as Flash or database programming;
  • the time required to construct the site; and
  • the time and budget contraints of the client.

The end result is a customized cost-effective marketing solution designed specifically for our client. Take a look at some Equinnovation sites.