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Top Ten Reasons
to choose Equinnovation
for Your Equine Business Web Site:

  1. Web-surfers change pages an average of every 0.3 seconds. Professionally created web solutions by Equinnovation stop visitors in their tracks.
  2. You want your site to be UNIQUE. We use NO canned images, NO templates, NO WYSIWYG authoring software. You don't want your site to look like anyone else's, and our sites are one-of-a-kind.
  3. The equine industry is different than any other, and we know this industry from all angles. Put your image in the hands of fellow horse-people.
  4. You want top quality at reasonable rates, and want to know the bottom line.
  5. You want an honest, knowledgable assessment of your website needs and professional fulfillment of those needs. Whether you need a one-page brochure site or an e-commerce site with an entire catalog, we'll provide what you need and won't try to sell you what you don't.
  6. You want the perfect blend of well-written content and “eye-candy,” fast-loading times and easy navigation. Equinnovation provides form AND function with finesse.
  7. You want a website that is consistent with your business' image. We will build your site to coordinate with your other marketing materials.
  8. You want those who have journeyed to the Internet in search of your information to find what they are looking for and be glad they did. Your Equinnovation site will provide sought-after information presented in a user-friendly format.
  9. You want the attention to detail that only Equinnovation can provide.

And the NUMBER 1 reason:

You want RESULTS!

One of my breeding farm clients has made 85% of its horse sales directly from its website. In most cases, the purchasers were essentially pre-sold on the horse from viewing the site, before even making the first contact.

Another client was given a valuable imported mare. The previous owner simply did not have time to market the mare, and contacted my client out of the blue to offer the mare for free. My delighted client asked why he chose to make the offer to her out of all of the other breeders, and the owner said "Your website. It looks like you have quality horses, make good breeding decisions, and would use this mare well in your breeding program."

In the business world, your image is everything. Choose a web developer with a proven record of helping clients achieve results.

Read what some of our clients say about their Equinnovation-designed sites:

The site you designed for me is so easy to follow and navigate! I just love it and so do my clients!
— G. McCall

Within four months of going online we sold three horses through our website and the links to it that you set up, two of them at asking price. Thanks for the great job!
— U. Andrews

I asked you to create Sporthorse Gallery because you did such an impressive job with my other promotional materials. I was equally pleased with the professionalism, quickness, style and attention to detail on SHG. This reflects upon my own reputation in the industry.
— D. Kuhlmey

Even more importantly, here is what THEIR clients and website visitors say:

Just visited your website and WOW, it's really neat! ... very creative, love the colors, font, and everything ....
— C. Williams

I think yours is the best website for marketing horses that I have ever seen. Thank you for all of the wonderful information!
— L. Johnson

Excellent job!!! I like the new design a lot and it's easy to navigate.
— M. Englehardt

Your website is excellent. The pedigree of your stallion where the ancestors “light up” is a good and interesting feature.
— B. Kerbs

...wanted to say how great Heather's new site looks - very well done!
— J. Oettle