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Build your Horse Business with the Internet

The Newest and Best Equine Marketing Medium!

In little over a decade, the Internet has changed the face of equine marketing. Even more than the general population, horse owners are online: shopping for horses and buying everything from horses to saddles to hay.

As many as 40% of equestrians use the Internet to research horse information, everything from horse breeding to equine nutrition. By the beginning of 2004, 63% of the total U.S. population were using the internet, and as early as 1998 a study concluded that Internet usage of Canadian horse owners and riders was significantly greater than that of the national average. North American and global equestrian communities are committed to using the Internet.

Internet usage is projected to increase by 13 to 15 percent each year. Observations of the exploding populations on online horse forums and the rapidly expanding number of equine websites prove that equine businesses belong on the Internet. That is where the horse buyers and customers of equine businesses are spending time and spending money. Savvy equine business owners understand the need to establish an online presence now.

When you decide to use the Internet to optimize your equine marketing with a new website—or a redesigned and updated site—explore the resources on this site for information and tips on making the most of your online presence. Read about the characteristics that make great equine websites, and about common website design and development mistakes that can doom a website to fail.

Our equine website services are customized for each client with full understanding of equine business needs.

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