The Complimentary Equine Business
and Marketing Newsletter
May 2005

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Familiarity Breeds Sales

One of the large challenges you face as an equine marketer is achieving what marketing professionals call "top of the mind awareness" of your horses and business.

Read more about what "top of the mind awareness" IS and how it relates to the horse business...

Tips for Better Advertising


I am having a hard time writing descriptions to advertise each of the horses that I have for sale. I sound like a broken record: everything is "wonderful," "beautiful," "lovely," and so on. What is a better way to write my ads?


This is a very common problem, especially when you have limited space such as when you are writing a classified ad. But there is a way to keep from sounding like a game show contestant talking about his "beautiful wife and three wonderful children." Breaking out a thesaurus to come up with more words for "beautiful" isn't the way to do it, so I'll give you a few hints....

Read on for five tips that will help you write better, more effective ads for your horses.

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Are You Neglecting Your Website?

You know that your horse business website can be a great friend to you in your equine marketing, but are you paying it the attention that it deserves? Are you forgetting to introduce your friend?

Read on for low-effort, no-cost hints to bring people to your website.

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