The Complimentary Equine Business
and Marketing Newsletter
June 2005

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Why Did He Buy that Horse?

I recently congratulated a man who just bought a new horse. Along with his new prize, he brought home some experiences and observations on the horse-shopping process.

Read on for tips that horse sellers can use.

Marketing Through the Busy Season


I am a farrier and my business is feast or famine. Right now it seems like everyone wants to go to a horse show and Dobbin needs a new set of shoes yesterday. Even horses that haven't been trimmed for six months are suddenly emergencies, and the owners expect me to work some sort of miracle with these neglected hooves. New customers keep calling and I hate turning them away, but I have no time and am just plain worn out. Any ideas?


It is tempting to forget about marketing during busy periods in any business. But doing so will only perpetuate the busy/non-busy cycle. While you may not need to invest in advertising and other paid promotion at this point, you do need to continue to market in a broader sense....

Read on for advice on keeping your sanity while maintaining your marketing momentum.

In Coaching Corner, Ingrid responds to readers' questions on business and equine marketing for their horse businesses. Have you got a question about equine marketing that you would like answered? Submit your question by email to:

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