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and Marketing Newsletter
July 2005

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Marketing on Target

Success in an equine business depends upon defining your business' target market. It is one of the first steps in making a business plan, integral to developing a product, and is critical in making a marketing plan with a decent chance of producing return on investment.

Read on for tips on defining your target market.

Marketing: Strength in Numbers?


Some local breeders would like to get together to pool our resources for advertising and also to offer more sales prospects at one time. Our thoughts are that we can put all of our sales horses together in such a way that a person could fly into our area and see 5-7 horses (visiting different farms) that would fit their needs on one trip. We want to create a non-formal group and help each other out, and in the long run increase overall sales in our area. Are there any obvious pitfalls to our plans? Can this be done in a non-formal way? How do we make sure that everyone gets equal exposure and doesn't feel angry if another breeder makes a sale? Thanks!


One of the most common reasons that horse buyers give for heading to Europe is the ability to see and try more horses in one location. "Breeders groups" are an excellent method for horse sellers in North America to make a horse-shopping trip worth the buyer's time and money....

Read on for some of the ins and outs of cooperative marketing for horses.

In Coaching Corner, Ingrid responds to readers' questions on business and equine marketing for their horse businesses. Have you got a question about equine marketing that you would like answered? Submit your question by email to:

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