The Complimentary Equine Business
and Marketing Newsletter
August 2005

In This Issue:

Win More than Ribbons from your Time in the Ring!

You have just left the ring after your last class for the day and are tickled pink with your horse's performance. As you prepare for the trip home, you may not be thinking about doing anything beyond loading the trailer and packing up that pile of ribbons and championship awards. Those new prizes will make it into your display cabinet at home, but if you are smart about your marketing you will take it just one step further. . . .

Read on for tapping horse show wins for marketing potential.

Press Pitfalls to Avoid

Having said all of that about using news releases to boost your marketing, please don't get the impression that you should rest on your promotional laurels once you get a mention in the press. I'll use a case study to illustrate the problems you will face if you do:....

Read on for a real life example of using press releases in marketing and how to do it better.

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