A Marketing Plan in Action

Something new has been going on at the breeding farm of one of my clients. Lately, her phone is ringing and her email box is pinging like never before. Since I sent out the last issue of The Edge, she has sold two horses and has good inquiries for several more. Why?

She took the initiative to make a new plan. She got busy working on the business, instead of just in the business.

  • She started with a new web site to effectively and comprehensibly convey information about her farm and her horses.
  • She showed some of her horses and did very well. A good show record adds value to those horses (and their foals, parents, and siblings) and builds credibility for her breeding operation. Her name and her horses' names being announced and published with their results, help to build top of the mind awareness of her. People took notice.
  • She had good photographs taken and shot good video to use on her website, in her ads, and to provide to customers.
  • She did a little strategic print advertising in publications that reach her target market.
  • She took some time to do good Internet marketing, posting classifieds and on relevant industry forums.
  • She prepared her horses for sale by having them at an appropriate level of training for their ages, hiring outside trainers as needed.
  • She responded to email and telephone inquiries promptly and professionally, and carried that image into each contact with her customers.

The horse market is alive and well. Determine what your market wants, and show how you can provide it. Make a plan and put it to work for you!

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