A Unique Gift Idea:
Give Your Friend a Leg Up
in the Horse Business!

We all know horse people can be tough to shop for. But if you have a person in the horse business on your shopping list, here is a great idea for a gift that will be appreciated long past the holidays (plus two fabulous special offers for you!).

This year, lose the stress.

Stop worrying about sizes and debating color choices.

Don't just settle on the holiday ho-hums: yet another book, tee-shirt, fruit basket, or piece of tack that will only get lost in the shuffle.

Quit thinking about all of those presents of seasons past that you just know missed the mark, and probably wound up being “re-gifted.”

Choose a gift...

... that is sure to fit because it is custom tailored to the recipient.

... that is great to receive and easy to give.

... that is both valued and useful long after the holidays.

... that is just what they need right now to help with their businesses, their careers, and ultimately their lifestyles.

Think of your friends, colleagues, and relatives in the horse business...

... like your trainer, riding instructor, boarding barn owner...

... your veterinarian, farrier, equine dentist, equine massage therapist...

... your brother or sister, son or daughter, husband or wife....

Now, think about which of those people would appreciate a helping hand with their horse careers...

Which of them could use help with their horse businesses and marketing, like

  • a new business web site
  • a promotional video
  • an advertising campaign
  • a brochure
  • a marketing plan
  • business image development, or
  • one-on-one professional consulting to answer their own specific questions?

Give them exactly what they need.

Give them a gift certificate for a specific service, or let them choose their own gift that will help them the most!

Gift certificates are available in any amount and can be applied to any service. (See the bottom of this page for special pricing on a popular choice!)

And when you make your gift list...

... your list of who is naughty and who is nice...

... your list of all the horse people you know who deserve your appreciation and could use a leg up in their businesses, remember one special person...

... Remember YOU!

You work hard in your horse business and work hard with your horses. So give yourself a pat on the back and a helping hand to improve your business in the new year!

This gift to yourself may even be tax deductible as a business expense!

Even if you don't remember yourself, I want to make sure you aren't left out. See the bottom of this page for my gift to you, a special “Give and You Shall Receive” Offer!

And most of all,

Have a Happy Holiday Season. I wish you all the best and a prosperous New Year!


Purchase Gift Certificates:

Gift certificates from Equinnovation are printed in full color on card stock and come with mailing envelopes.

Easy to mail, easy to give, and great to receive, an Equinnovation Gift Certificate is the Perfect Present!

Gift certificates are available in any amount or for specific services. If you would like a price on a particular service, email with your questions.

To purchase gift certificates, either order online using a credit card or bank account with Paypal, or use this form to purchase gift certificates by mail.

Special Holiday Offer:

In time for the Holidays, I am offering special pricing on a popular service!

Order the gift certificate shown above, good for a custom print advertising layout, at a discount price. This gift certificate can be used for an ad design or can be applied in the amount of $350 toward other services, and is available at the special price of $315!

Here are some examples of what this gift certificate can be used for:

  • Design of a full page, full color (four color) advertising layout
  • Design of a promotional flyer
  • Creation of a logo for use on any and all equine marketing materials
  • Design of a promotional postcard for direct mail
  • Custom design of a new business card and printing of 500 cards
  • Development of a web page—a one-page web site—with one year hosting at yourbusinessname.equinnovation.com (other hosting options available)
  • Three hours of one-on-one professional business and marketing consulting, or
  • $350 toward the development of a full web site, business plan, horse marketing video, or individual marketing plan.

For great savings on the Perfect Present, order online or by mail!

This special pricing is only available for orders received before December 20, 2005. Order yours today!

Give and You Shall Receive!

I want to make sure that givers are also receivers, and I want you to remember to do something for your own horse business, as well as thinking about others.

So I am offering a special gift to you, in thanks and appreciation for your choosing gift certificates for the equine professionals on your holiday shopping list.

For every five gift certificates that you purchase, I will give you a gift certificate for free! The value of the free one is the average of the five, so you can buy gift certificates of different amounts and still get one for yourself worth 20% of your order—20% more for free!

Spend $1000 on five gifts and get a $200 gift certificate for yourself...Spend $500 and get another $100 gift certificate...spend $2,500 and get $500 for yourself!

I'll even extend this offer to the Holiday Special, which gives you even more because of the already discounted pricing! If you purchase five of the Holiday Special gift certificates, you will receive a sixth for free. That's $2,100 of services for only $1,575—33% more for your holiday shopping dollars!

Order online or by mail before December 20, 2005 to claim your free gift certificate!

And have a happy holiday!

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