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Equine Websites &
Internet Services

Most people have an opinion about the marketing value of websites. It always surprises me that so many people think that they are only online brochures as opposed to being business generators. But the fact is that your equine website will perform the way that it is built to perform: its role in helping to build your business is defined by its structure, content, and promotion. Websites work extremely well when they are correctly designed, developed, and promoted. 

What kind of results can websites produce?

One of my breeding farm clients has made 85% of its horse sales directly from its website. In most cases, the website pre-sold the horse to the buyer before they even talked with the owner!

Another client's website brought her a free horse: a valuable, young, imported mare to add to her breeding operation . The owner did not have time to market the mare and contacted my client out of the blue to offer the mare for free. My delighted client asked why he chose to make the offer to her out of all of the other breeders, and the owner said "Your website. It looks like you have quality horses, make good breeding decisions, and would use this mare well in your breeding program."

When you are ready for a website that really works for YOUR business ...

Website Design and Development

There is more to Equinnovation websites than pretty designs. They are hard-working business-generating machines, built specifically for my clients from individualized strategic plans formulated to achieve marketing objectives. Your prospective customers will love your website's attractive design, efficient structure, and easy-to-use format. You will love the results it brings, and will wonder why you waited so long to feature your horse business online. Learn more about website design.

Website Redesign

When your business has outgrown your current website, its performance is not what it should be, it no longer meets current technical standards to operate correctly, or you are simply ready for a change, it is time for re-design and restructuring.

Website Analysis

If your website is not working for you the way that it should, it may be time for a check up. A comprehensive website review including analyses of your website's structure, content, usability, and search engine performance will pinpoint the problems and deliver solutions. You will get a customized action list, specific steps that you can take to make your website a successful part of your marketing program. Website analyses is an excellent cost-effective solution for you if you are a do-it-yourself web marketer and have built or maintain your own website.

Search Engine Optimization and Website Marketing

Your site needs to draw targeted web traffic to operate effectively. Search engine optimization (SEO) maximizes your website's ability to be found by search engines such as Google. SEO involves identifying key words and phrases appropriate to the website and each of its pages, carefully coding the website pages, and writing and revising the content of each page so that it gets indexed and ranks well for its key words. Website Marketing involves search engine submission, entry in directories, and building inbound links to create traffic and raise search engine ranking. Both can make all the difference in the world to the success of your website.

Website Hosting

Equinnovation's internet hosting delivers top-of-the-industry reliability, all of the storage capacity and bandwidth your site will need as its content expands and traffic grows, and support for Perl, cgi, and PHP scripts and MySQL databases. You will have an individual Web Panel which provides access to Website Editing Tools for do-it-yourself maintenance and Website Statistics generated by two separate programs, allowing you to personally monitor your websites' traffic. Learn more about website hosting.

Website Maintenance

Website maintenance is offered under three arrangements: on an "as needed" basis, by annual contract, and periodic maintenance. Detailed information on each option will be provided with the individual proposal that I will prepare for you.