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Equine Marketing that Performs!

Is marketing horses a mystery to you?

Are you confused about how to even begin to market your equine business? Are you starting to think that "marketing" is a necessary evil that you just have to do?

If you think marketing means overblown sales hype and high-pressure tactics, and don't want to go that route with your own business, you need to know that there is a better way. I will show you a better approach to planning for success—and tools for achieving success!—for your horse business.

Whatever anyone tells you or tries to sell you,

The right equine marketing program is the one that performs for you.

That means one that helps you to meet your equine business' specific goals. One that fits the character of your business. One that you understand and believe in.

Equine marketing success is built on knowledge and well-defined goals.

I will help you to understand the equine marketing process and your part in the equine industry. You will discover that "marketing" is not a dirty word — It's a fun and rewarding process that builds your successful, profitable horse business!

My firm, Equinnovation, offers a complete spectrum of promotional services that will:

  1. Help you to establish the direction your marketing should take;
  2. Solidify your image as a professional in the horse industry;
  3. Promote your products as the best of their class; and
  4. Give you the best likelihood of success in marketing your equine business.

Find the services, tools, and do-it-yourself marketing techniques that your horse business needs.

As an equine marketing consultant, I can offer you support at all steps of the process, sharing my experience and know-how with you in plain language. I will give you simple but effective do-it-yourself techniques that you can use to help ensure success for your business.

Using the traditional promotional building blocks of compelling visuals and persuasive copy, my firm's equine websites, marketing videos, print advertising, and other tools will provide you with a solid foundation for your equine business success.

Explore Equinnovation's services and other information on this site. I have included some effective marketing tips that you can start using right away. You can also subscribe to The Equine Business Edge, Equinnovation's free newsletter on equine marketing.

If you have questions, contact me. I am here to help. As your colleague in the equine industry, I am invested with you in the success of the horse business world — your success!