Equine Marketing Plans

Have you been experimenting in your marketing--trying a little advertising, posting a website, and other things--with varying degrees of success? Is it time to step back from what you have been doing and take a look at “the big picture”?

Is it time for a marketing plan?

Of course, everything you do in your marketing gives you experience and knowledge, but without proper planning the cost of that education can be much higher than it needs to be. Marketing your equine business from a plan that is built on a solid understanding of the equine marketplace—factors including industry cycles, target markets, demographics, and proven methods—helps to ensure success and minimize spending on marketing activities that don't produce results.

Developing a good plan is critical, but following the plan you develop is even more important.

If you have a documented business plan (which you should), that should include a basic discussion of marketing. The problem is, traditional marketing plans can be difficult to put into action. They are often composed in the abstract, heavy on theory and business-speak, without direction on how to apply the theory to the business.

Traditional marketing plans often share these problems. Too often, those kinds of plans get read once and then the document is filed. They don't help the business grow because they don't inspire action.

You need an equine marketing plan that you can actually use!

That is why I offer a different sort of equine marketing plan: a twelve-month marketing plan that focuses on action as opposed to theory. It is designed as a practical roadmap, presenting a strategy and utilizing a full spectrum of traditional and non-traditional promotional tactics to help you put strategy into practice.

With consideration of your budget, time constraints, and all of the alternative marketing methods available, your plan will systematically provide specific actions to be taken at various points over the course of the year. It can be developed to accommodate almost any marketing budget.

When you have everything from strategy to specific actions set out in detail you can actually use your marketing plan, as opposed to just storing it away. And using your marketing plan is a critical step in improving your business.

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