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Direct Mail:
Build Your Horse Business with this
Valuable Equine Marketing Tool!

What is direct mail?

Direct mail is a highly successful marketing technique that is wildly popular—but that has not been used to its potential in the equine industry.

Direct mail allows horse businesses to send a marketing message and communicate directly with their customers and prospects.

Why use direct mail?

An excellent addition to your equine marketing mix, direct mail offers many advantages over other marketing methods. Here's just a few:

  • The Personal Touch: Direct mail lets equine business owners make a unique connection with their prospective customers. In our busy, mass-marketed world, the intimacy of direct mail can distinguish your horse business from its competitors.
  • Focused Marketing: Direct mail is highly targeted marketing. Rather than taking a scattershot approach to reaching prospective customers, concentrate your efforts by focusing on prospects who are likely to become customers.
  • Bang for the Buck: Done right, direct mail provides a significant return on your equine marketing investment. Because it is targeted, direct mail makes efficient use of your time and resources.

Go where few of your competitors have gone in their equine marketing!

The extensive use of direct mail in other industries continues to grow because it is successful! Direct mail delivers a tangible, tactile message to customers that email, online, and print advertising cannot.

Yet the technique is not widely used in the equine industry. The lack of competition in this medium makes direct mail an even better choice for the smart equine marketer.

Use direct mail to market your horse business!

I'll help you discover how to best use direct mail to build your equine business, to reach YOUR goals within YOUR budget, and help by:

  • Planning a mailing campaign tailored to your customers and your horse business;
  • Building a quality list of prospective customers for your horse business;
  • Crafting an offer that will motivate new customers to act. Entice your prospects to seek more information about your horses and services with a persuasive message;
  • Designing the perfect direct mail piece or package to grab your prospects' attention and bring results; and
  • Printing and distributing your offer.

Email me to explore the possibilities direct mail has to offer your business!

Want more information on the ins and outs of using direct mail in your equine marketing? Read all about it in the November 2005 issue of The Equine Business Edge (subscribe for free).

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