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About Equinnovation:
Equine Marketing that Delivers Value

When you decide who will help market your business, consider all of YOUR goals and choose ...

Equine marketing that delivers value

For more than a decade I have helped clients reach their equine business goals with successful marketing and solid planning. The assistance I provide is built on:

PERSPECTIVE as a horse business owner and as a consumer. I breed and sell horses, and I buy stallion breedings and all manner of horse-related products for my business. I am one of you, my equine business clients, and I am one of your customers.


  • in the horse world, as an owner, breeder, seller, and consumer. I got my first pony when I was 8 years old, have enjoyed riding all my life, and formally established my horse breeding farm in 1998.
  • in advising equine professionals and horse business owners in all matters of business planning, equine marketing, and legal issues. I practiced equine law for five years and have provided business consulting and equine marketing help for over ten. My clients include horse breeding farms, independent trainers and training facilities, boarding stables, and equestrian organizations.
  • in new media to develop effective marketing techniques. I developed my first websites in 1996 (one for my law practice and one for a breeding and training farm client). I produced my first horse marketing videos in 1997, changing over to digital production in 2000. I supply marketing materials that perform for my clients, earn peer recognition, and win industry awards.

FIRST-HAND KNOWLEDGE of what businesses need to succeed and grow.

UP-TO-DATE SKILLS AND EXPERTISE: A firm believer in lifelong learning, I am committed to staying up to date on business topics such as marketing trends and Internet technology. I believe that each person should learn as much as possible but should do those things at which they are the best. When specialized knowledge and expertise are needed to implement part of a marketing plan, I have the resources—including a network of professionals—to do the job.


  • to serving clients.
  • to customer education. I believe that all people have a right to learn how to improve their businesses and their lives. Starting in 1996 with the publication of Juris Equus, my equine law newsletter, I have actively sought ways to help equine business owners help themselves by providing access to quality information. I have taught community college courses, written articles for periodicals, and spoken to equestrian groups.
  • to serving the equine community, demonstrated by the information and advice provided on this site and in The Equine Business Edge, my free equine marketing newsletter.

RESULTS-ORIENTED MARKETING: I have the analytical thought process, honed by my scientific and legal backgrounds, required to achieve objectives. Strategies are planned and applied with unsurpassed attention to detail. Whatever your particular marketing goals are, your marketing performs for you when it achieves results.

As an active member of the horse community, I am personally and professionally invested in the economy and culture of the equine industry. Each individual business' health depends in part upon the health of our industry. We are all in this world of horses together.

And I wish you, my colleague, every success in your equine business!


Owner, Equinnovation


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Equine Marketing that Delivers Value

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